pefc-logoEesti Metsasertifitseerimise Nõukogu (PEFC-Eesti)

At its general meeting on May 4, 2022, the Estonian Forest Certification Council approved the PEFC Estonian Forest Certification Scheme.

The documents of the Estonian Forest Certification Scheme 2022 are as follows:                           

PEFC EST 1001:2020, Standard setting - Requirements

PEFC EST 1002:2022, Group forest management certification - Requirements

PEFC EST 1003:2022, Sustainable forest management - Requirements

PEFC EST 1004:2022, Requirements for certification bodies operating PEFC forest management certification


PEFC EGD 1005:2022, Issuance of PEFC trademarks usage licences by Estonian Forest Certification Council

PEFC EGD 1006:2022, EFCC Notification of Certification Bodies operating

Chain of Custody and Forest Management Certification in Estonia against the requirements of the Estonian Forest Certification Scheme

PEFC EGD 1007:2022, Complaints and Appeals Settlement Procedure


PEFC ST 2001:2020, PEFC Trademark rules - Requirements 

PEFC ST 2002:2020, Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products - Requirements

PEFC ST 2003:2020, Requirements for Certification Bodies operating Certification against the PEFC International Chain of Custody Standard


The 2022 PEFC EST series standards and PEFC EGD series procedures will enter into force on 04.05.2023. and the transitional period ends on 04.05.2024.

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